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In the name of God

Call for entries to the International Design Competition for

Regeneration of an urban corridor; Planning and Designing the ground level of Tehran-Tabriz Railway Tunnel

The Urban Renewal Organization of Tehran (UROT) is calling designers and architects from around the world to submit their most innovative concept plans and designs to this competition

Since 1944, when Tehran-Tabriz railway construction was started at the Tehran Central Railway Station, this line had been as one of the most important routes connecting the capital to other parts of Iran. Gradually, urban neighborhoods have been created around this line and during three decades, this route was surrounded by residential neighborhoods

Today the Tehran-Tabriz railway line has been located in the southwest of Tehran, within the districts 17 and 18 of the Tehran Municipality. By transferring the railway to the underground level  and construction of tunnel by the railway company during 2007-2013, because of undesirable environmental quality and lack of basic public services in overcrowded neighbourhoods around this line, about 50 ha of land was released. In line with regeneration of deteriorated neighborhood and creating public spaces, Tehran municipality has decided to prepare the development plan for this area

Regenerating this corridor with 9 km length and its sphere of influence in the scale of Tehran is a unique opportunity and can improve the citizen’s image of the city and will provide facilities and services in this deteriorated areas. Given The importance of this issue and In order to receive the best and new ideas, Municipality of Tehran and urban renewal organization of Tehran (UROT) decided to hold international design competition. The design competition of “Regeneration of an urban corridor; Planning and Designing the ground level of Tehran-Tabriz Railway Tunnel” is held in two phases. The competition is open to all, from the natural persons to legal persons, from urban planners to architects and so on


These phases are

The First phase: preparing and submitting the concept plans

In this phase, after registration and being qualified for taking part in competition and receiving supplementary documents, every team should prepare and submit its main idea and concept plan according to our expected outputs and the timetable

The second phase: preparing and submitting the 3D comprehensive and detailed plan

In the second phase, the qualified and accepted teams and participants (10-15 teams) in the end of the first phase by jury, can prepare and submit the 3D comprehensive and detailed plan according to our expected outputs and the timetable. At the end and after the judgment process, 3 final winners will be selected and would receive defined prizes

Due to the importance and scale of this project, it is essential for participants to consider the required specialties and experts that is defined by UROT in public call

Judgment criteria

    Paying attention to the subject of competition as a large scale and very important urban regeneration project
   The need to pay attention to social issues and the relationships of local communities
  Considering to the related and important documents
 Considering to the safety and security of the railway and the underground space
 Paying attention to resiliency of the city(urban runoff management, water demand and consumption management, energy consumption management and air flow permeability)
  Considering to the local, urban and supra-urban role of the corridor
  Considering to the concept of smartness
 Paying attention to the financial, economic and feasibility issues of the project

Our expectations and requirements

  Each participant and team can only submit a plan
   The material and intellectual rights of plans are in accordance with the rights of authors and artists
In case of disagreements and disputes about the plans, the matter will be referred to the Jury and, In case of disagreements and disputes between the parties, the matter will be referred to the permanent Secretariat of the Architecture and Urban Competitions
    This competition is held in accordance with the Comprehensive bylaw of Architectural and Urban Planning Competitions adopted by the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution in 2002(1381 solar) and under the supervision of the permanent Secretariat of the Architecture and Urbanism Competitions
   The responsible person for all correspondences with the competition secretariat is the person that registered, and the prize will be delivered to him

Competition Board

(Organizer and Employer: Urban Renewal Organization of Tehran (UROT

Competition Manager: Sayyed Javad Mirhosseini

The jury committee

        Pirooz Hanachi

     Mohammad Saeed Izadi

 Sayyed Abdolhadi Daneshpour

  Mojtaba Rafieyan

      Sayyed Oways Torabi

      Hamid Naser Khaki

   Mostafa Kazemi

Alternative embers

        Ali khani


Awards of competition

   1st prize (1 team): 1250 million Iranian rials

   2nd prize (1 team): 800 million Iranian rials

     3rd prize (1 team): 450 million Iranian rials

Also, after the first phase, 100-150 million Iranian rials would be payed to 10-15 teams as grant-in-aid




(All times indicated in the competition are based on the Iranian standard time (UTC/GMT+3.30)

Commitments of participants

   Lack of in-law, blood and working(over the past year) relationship between participants and competition board-
  Originality of the concepts and plans submitted for the competition-

To register for the competition, please see the UROT website (http://Nosazi.Tehran.ir) from October 27 to November 10, 2018


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