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Introduction Manager

The introduction of agency

(Urban Renewal Organization of Tehran (URO 

  • Kaveh
  • surname
  • Hajialiakbari
  • Education
    • Doctoral degree in urban and regional planning - Shahid Beheshti University
    • MA of Architecture, Faculty of fine arts – Tehran university
  • Executive and service records
    • Renovation and local development deputy of urban renewal organization
    • Urban redevelopment deputy of Nosazan company in Tehran
    • Advisor for planning and implementation of urban renewal organization
    • Social participation director general of urban renewal organization
    • Director of renovation project of khob bakht neighborhood in district 15
    • Manager of programming group for southern Region in urban renewal organization
    • The urban renewal expert


About Urban Renewal Organization      

(TURO (Tehran Urban renewal Organization    


  Our vision, missions and areas of activity 


Tehran (Capital city of Iran) with its population, size, a big variety of life style, economic and social activities, unique ethnic diversity and significant development capacities, has the potential to pass the comparative conditions and getting the top position in ranking the global cities . This will not have be taken without getting all available potentials in use and trying to reach the maximum possible capacity
In this regard, evolution in city life and physic – in all aspects including, Habitation, employment, social issues, etc... Is necessarily needed. This is the initial step of sustainable urban regeneration approach, which is following ultimate horizons of sustainability components to reach a comprehensive city development

Tehran municipality as the prestige municipality in Iran, with great potentials in human resources, technical and knowledge making, also relay on very much Valuable experiences and practices of Implementation of urban development programs over decades, has been able to develop numerous development capacities in its structure

Tehran Renovation Organization (TURO), from its establishment (1969) has gained Notable experience in Tehran’s development programs, is now attempting to take advantages of all its human, specialized, knowledge and structural capacities to advancing the sustainable urban regeneration in Tehran

In Tehran city, figuring on  the "problem" of deteriorated areas and the necessity of intervention in these fields, at the policy making and planning level, returns to the beginning decades of the century(2002); since 2004, some policies and regulations can be Track down in Tehran City Council's approval, to Stimulation the  deteriorated areas renovation

the more seriously attention to deteriorated area in national level during the beginning decades of the century(2002), the more  emphasize on this issue   at the goals, strategies, policies and agenda of Tehran's Comprehensive Plan was happened; accordingly, a policy framework can be seen to determine the this areas intervention approaches

In tehran 3268 hectares of  urban area (5 %) are deteriorated areas. Which contains, 15% of the Tehran population. 85% of Tehran’s deteriorated fabrics are located in south of Tehran in 150  neighborhoods

:According to foundation philosophy and legal support,TURO  in a deal with the following objectives and missions works in the areas
      Tehran Sustainable urban regeneration-
        Implementing  prestige projects-
        leading  urban development activities in the field of urban regeneration in the form of integrated management-
      Renovation, upgrading and organizing the deteriorated fabrics, historic and valuable, unstable and inefficient urban areas-

Deteriorated areas

 TURO approaches   


During different periods of urban management, due to the authorities general approaches, cognitive grounds and the experiences of past practices, as well as the lessons from other countries, different approaches have been adopted in intervention in deteriorated fabric. Evolution of these approaches has been continued from1995 with Navab project (focused projects) to current conditions and deployment of the neighborhood development approach

Evolution time line 


Neighborhood development    

The complex concepts of deteriorating and inefficiency also the formation factors are topics not only for deteriorated areas but also it can be repeated for other areas. So, the whole city is in a way facing the challenge of deterioration and inefficiency, so the missions of TURO in preventing and reducing the all aspects effects can be spread out in the city of Tehran. The concept of neighborhood development with the aim of penning a neighborhood development plan, paying attention to services supplyment, environmental upgrading and improving the residents socio-economic conditions is the way of a comprehensive development of Tehran's neighborhoods


TURO action tools   

 Neighborhood development offices-   
 incentive -   




 TURO plans  

 compilation the Neighborhood development plan 
The neighborhood development plan is a program identifies key challenges facing the development of the neighborhood (currently existing or the future ones) to develop a framework for achieving neighborhood development
Urban regeneration projects
(Organizing, upgrading and utilizing the Paradise Park- 

Design and Development plan of Tehran-Tabriz Railway (Niloufari Project-
( Urban Innovation projects(Knowledge Foundation

 New world cities are facing urbanization challenges specially in providing spaces for their functions. Readjustment, changing the land use of old and out of date urban functions, to the new and better ones will help cities to pass the challenges. Urban innovation is a response to this challenge. Knowledge base companies, startups and incubators are new gusts in new land uses in developed countries. There are some brownfields in Tehran to do such function



Intersectional cooperation      

Integrated management and intersectional cooperation is a big need in achieving the sustainable urban regeneration. This point of view take authority’s attention from 2010 and TURO became a main actor in this chart in 2013. Following charts are the framework of headquarters in all levels

President of Organization

kaveh haji aliakbari

President of Organization

kaveh haji aliakbari

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